Atypical production

Company ECO-DESIGN aside from the serial production offers also production of lights and lighting masterpieces on request. We adapt such works to the character of interior, exterior and to the client´s or architect´s demand. We work with ecological materials, their choice for the future authentic product is unlimited, the only thing that matters is to carry out a perfect work to obtain a wonderful result. Let´s not set our targets too low!


This light was created by Mr. Dubsky, the co-owner of the company, on demand of a prominent czech architect. It is made from glass and stainless steel. It is equipped with LED panels and thus reaches maximum luminosity for direct and indirect lighting. The light levitates on suspended wires. You can see it in the Prague 3 Townhall.


This light was designed by Mr. Dubsky for a private investor into his residence on the shore of the Mediterranean sea. It is an ideal lighting jewel for an exclusive interior.

South Bohemian museum in České Budějovice

Our lighting cornices became a dominant feature of the entrance representative premises. They easily blend with the decorative interior and modern accessories.

Berta´s spa in Třeboň

The investor´s aim was to create multifunctual device in the spa-treatment premises. Our lighting cornices light the area indirectly, the lumious flux is regulated as necessary. The direct lighting is used by the medical staff when needed. The variable light intensity and colour-change of hte lgiht develop atmosphere. There are also loudspeakers in-built in the cornice so that music can be listened to. The cornices are made from a special plaster and acryl glass.